Unless otherwise specified all photographs are courtesy of John Rodsted AUSTRALIAN NETWORK TO BAN LANDMINES AND CLUSTER MUNITIONS                                      What are Cluster Bombs?                                                                              Cluster munitions consist of a large canister filled with                                      smaller, explosive “bomblets.”                                                                                      They are highly inaccurate and many of the bomblets fail to                   explode on impact.                                                                                                       They leave a deadly legacy, killing and injuring for long after the                             conflict has ended.                                                                                                     Children are often attracted to their bright colours and ball-like                                                                                               shape and make up almost a third of victims of unexploded                cluster bombs. The Cluster Bomb Treaty The Convention on Cluster Munitions opened for signature in Oslo in 2008 and entered into force in August 2010. One hundred an eleven countries have now signed the Convention and seventy seven have ratified it, meaning they are bound by its obligations. Australia has now ratified  the Convention, although with weak and unamended legislation.  ANBLC will continue to monitor the situation, in particular with regard to the stockpiling of foreign owned cluster bombs on Australian soil or transit across our territory.         Facts and Fallacies Do you need to understand more about the case  for a total ban on cluster bombs? Click here.   Photo Courtesy of Danish Christian Aid Archive